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Wellness Advocate Agreement Doterra

12. Conflict resolution. In the event of a dispute, claim, issues or disagreement arising from or related to this welfare lawyer agreement or contract or breach of the contract, the parties do their best to resolve the dispute, the claim, the issue or the disagreement. To this end, they advise and negotiate in good faith and strive, in recognition of their mutual interests, to find a fair and equitable solution that is satisfactory to both parties. If they fail to reach such a solution within 60 days, all disputes, claims, issues or disputes will be settled definitively by the American Arbitration Association, in accordance with the provisions of its commercial settlement, after notification to one of the other party, of any dispute, claim, matter or dispute by an arbitration procedure managed in Provo, Utah, by the American Arbitration Association, in accordance with the provisions of its commercial settlement, and there is no right or power to litigation, claims, issues or disputes dealt with on the basis of a class action. The verdict on the arbitrator`s arbitration award can be recorded in any court of law. This conciliation agreement also applies after the termination or expiry of the contract. Notwithstanding this provision, there will be no impedid to applying to a competent court and obtaining from it an injunction, a permanent injunction or other permanent injunction to protect and protect the interests to endow before, during or after the filing of an arbitration or arbitration procedure, or until the transfer of a decision or award in connection with an arbitration or other proceeding. 17. Data protection. I will agree to provide the processing of the personal data contained in this application/agreement and to transmit this personal data, with information on the future distribution activities of this Wellness Advocate account, to one of doTERRA`s global subsidiaries and associated companies and other doTERRA account holders who are in the same distribution organization or distribution chain to manage the distribution of doTERRA products and to provide business reports to global subsidiaries, doTERRA associated companies and other account holders will staff in the organizations. As far as I know, this transmission of information can be done in countries without the same legal privacy protection as my country.

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