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Vilnius University Learning Agreement

Careful! All students at the University of Vilnius can participate in the Erasmus programme, but the university`s policy is not to select students for studies abroad during the last semester of the year-end. The main reason for this is the tight deadline for the completion of Erasmus studies before you defend this thesis. In most cases, it is not possible to obtain transcripts of recordings from the host university until the end of the semester at the University of Vilnius. Arrival Days Students must arrive 1 or 2 days before the start of the semester: from 28 to 29 August for the autumn semesters 29 – 30 January if you arrive earlier, please check the availability of the residence with the accommodation manager by email; Late Arrival If, for some reason, you cannot arrive in Vilnius on the days above, you must make sure to come no later than the first week of the semester: until September 5 during the fall semester until February 6 of spring, the orientation week orientation week is offered free of charge to all international students at the beginning of each semester. Pre-registration is not required. During orientation week, you can expect to meet faculty coordinators, a guided tour of Vilnius and the VU Library, Taste of Lithuanian Language Lecture and many other interesting activities that will help you get acquainted with many Lithuanian and international students. OW program for the fall semester 2020. OW Days Fall Semester August 30 – September 4 Spring semester 31 – February 5 Arrival Registration All students must register upon arrival at the International Relations Office (IRO). Registration begins just before the orientation week opens (see weekly orientation program). After registration, you will receive the information file. If you arrive later and/or cannot register before the start of the orientation week, you must do so as soon as possible with IRO (please note office schedules) Student card Each student at Vilnius University must receive their Lithuanian student card (LSIC or LSP as in Lithuanian). Here`s a list of important things to find out why a DSP card can help you: it`s necessary to access university library services; It is the best proof of your identity as a university student itself (especially during exams); It gives you various discounts in theaters, cinemas and many other services and purchases; It gives you discounts for public transport in Lithuania`s largest cities and travels between cities and municipalities by bus or train. The LSIC price for one or two semesters is EUR 6.00.

Get your LSIC:You can register on the LSIC online system with as soon as you receive your acceptance letter from vilnius University, even if you can only order your LSIC after the university has registered your data in the system.

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