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Unilateral Non Disclosure Agreement Sample

IMPORTANT WARNING: is not a law firm and does not offer legal advice or representation. The Confidentiality Agreement, instructions and related information (“Legal Information” contained therein) may not be tailored to your specific situation, may not be used in certain jurisdictions and should be reviewed and, if necessary, amended by a licensed attorney before being used as the most appropriate legal contract. Vertex42 makes no warranties or guarantees regarding legal information and your use of legal information is solely at your own risk. By using the Legal Information, you release Vertex42 from any claim, loss or damage resulting from such use, and you agree that Vertex42`s liability, if any, shall be limited in accordance with the Terms of Use. All terms of this Agreement may only be modified or rescinded with the written consent of the disclosing party. Signature Blocks – Print the names of the owner and recipient and have each party sign the agreement and, if necessary, add more information (name, title and address). The receiving party in this Agreement shall not be liable for any breach of information if the information: (a) is known to the recipient even before disclosure; (b) have been disclosed or made out by the receiving Party prior to disclosure by the party being disclosed; (c) be obtained by a third party who is not a party to the agreements of the disclosing party and who does not violate any laws or contractual obligations, (d) a legal or judicial obligation to disclose such information, which has been disclosed to the receiving party prior to the signing of an agreement by the party that disclosed it. Since the agreement limits the use of confidential information to the purpose set out in the agreement, the definition of this term is decisive. The correct definition of purpose may mean the difference between the use and misuse of your confidential information. A lawyer can help you think about both the reasons why you are entering into the agreement and all the secondary purposes in order to find a suitable definition. The unilateral confidentiality agreement, also known as a “1-way NDA”, is an agreement between two (2) parties under which the first (the company) is the sole owner of the information and transmits it to another party (the recipient). By signing the document, the recipient undertakes to protect the confidential information communicated to him and to prevent it from being in the hands of a third party.

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