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Tenancy Agreement Section 21 Notice

[47] A Section 21 notification is used by landlords in England and Wales when they wish to market tenants and acquire real estate at the end of a temporary short-term rental (AST) agreement. If the owner has the order of ownership, he can request that the bailiffs execute it. The owners do not have the right to physically drive you out of the property, but the bailiffs do. If the owners make an appointment with them, you will receive a letter with all the relevant information. On this day, the bailiffs enter the house and accompany you and remove your belongings. The lease agreement is thus terminated and the evacuation is complete. No reference to Article 21 may be made during the deposit which is not protected by an approved rental deposit scheme. [xxi] [32] For a bond between 6 April 2007 and 5 April A lessor is excluded from this section if the condition that led to the notification by the Authority is due to the fact that the lessee has not used the property as leased or that the property is actually for sale on the market at the time of notification, or where the lessor is a registered private provider of social housing. or the notification referred to in Section 21 is made after a delay following the exercise of a power of sale over the hypothecary debtor. [xxxiii] [32] [36] You can get legal advice if you don`t know what communication to make. . .


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