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Sponsorship Agreement Family Class

Eligible applicants must stay in Canada and apply for a permanent stay in the spouse`s partner or common law class. Applicants must also have valid temporary status as a visitor, student or worker. In most cases, the sponsor must reside in Canada to apply for sponsorship. However, a Canadian citizen is able to sponsor his or her spouse, spouse or dependent child while living abroad if the sponsor lives in Canada, if the sponsored person becomes a Permanent Canadian Residence. Candidates in the family class whose sponsor is not eligible may request H-C attention in order to overcome the requirement to have a legitimate sponsor. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that sponsored family members do not depend on Social Assistance or Social Assistance in Canada. A change in circumstances – such as adultery, separation, divorce, family fractures, unemployment, changes in the financial situation or the death of the principal applicant in cases where there are family members accompanying him – does not cancel the business. As soon as the sponsored family member becomes a permanent residence, sponsors and co-signers remain required to meet the basic requirements for the duration of the business. All sponsors must sign a commitment to meet the sponsored person`s essential requirements from the date of entry into Canada until the end of the life of the business. The commitment is a contract between the sponsor (s) and the CIC, according to which the government sponsor will reimburse all social assistance payments to the sponsored person.

Sponsors are still required to enter into the commitment agreement for the duration of the contract, including changes in circumstances such as adultery, separation, divorce or any financial change in circumstances. The income required depends on the type of sponsorship you take and the number of family members you already have in your care. You must sign a promise to meet the basic needs of the family member you are sponsoring. People who wish to apply in the Family Class category can obtain an assessment of their eligibility by completing our free online assessment. After applying for sponsorship, potential sponsors living in Quebec receive an email or letter of instruction to file a special agreement with the Quebec government. Sponsors (and co-signers) residing outside Quebec and most of the major sponsored candidates must sign an agreement that confirms their mutual understanding of their obligations and responsibilities. The only principal applicants who are not required to sign the agreement are those under the age of 22 who are not the spouse, partner of the common law or the spouse of the sponsor [R132(4)]. If the principal applicant is a minor, the parent or legal guardian should sign the business on his or her behalf.

If the application is made by Canada, the person you are sponsoring can apply for an open work permit to work for any employer in Canada while the sponsorship application is processed. The CPC reviews all sponsorship and application applications for permanent residence forms and supporting documentation to confirm that the application is complete: in order to qualify for a joint partnership or sponsorship, you must: There are two separate processes for sponsoring your family under the CF.

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