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Scottish Government Recommended Model Tenancy Agreement

You and your landlord can agree on another notice. But this must be written and can only be done once you have started living in the rented property. Your consent to the change in the notice period must be “free and unconstrained.” If your landlord has added a longer termination period to your rental agreement before residing in the rented apartment, the notice is void and the notice applies. This section contains information on what to do if you or your landlord wants to end the lease. The Private Housing (Tenancies) Act 2016, which will come into force on December 1, 2017, introduces “private residential rent.” The goal is to improve tenant safety and protect landlords, lenders and investors. The cap can last up to five years and applies only to existing tenants with private rental housing. No one needs to testify to the signing of this agreement. If you need information about the terms of your lease, you can discuss it with your landlord or contact the consulting organizations in the following section on the sources of advice and assistance. This means that a cap (cap) is set on the amount of rent in this area which can increase each year for existing tenants with private housing. On December 1, 2017, a new type of rental came into effect, called private residential rental, it replaced guaranteed and short leases guaranteed for all new leases, the information on this page applies only to private residential rentals. Other conditions, called “additional conditions,” are terms you may have in your lease. They cover a number of rules, and you should read them to check that they apply to your property. You must complete the next challenge before you can download your rental agreement.

Your legal rights cannot be withdrawn, regardless of what your lease says. This means that you sometimes have more rights than in your lease. The new tenancy agreement will be indefinite and will last until a tenant wants to leave the rented property or a landlord uses one (or more) of the 18 reasons for eviction. On the day the new lease comes into effect, any existing short or secure rent is maintained until you or your landlord terminates it. If your short lease is extended on a contractual basis, this may be extended under the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 until you or your landlord terminates it. For more information on other types of rentals, please see the rents of a property. Or you can download and print this rental agreement and fill out by hand what you need. Any new lease you enter into on December 1, 2017 is a private lease as long as the lessor can only terminate the lease if one of the 18 grounds for eviction applies.

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