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Sba Mentor Protege Agreements

In contrast, the All Small Mentor-Protected program launched in 2016 by the SBA was available for all other types of small businesses: simple small vanilla businesses, women-Owned Small Business (WOBS), economically disadvantaged WOSBs (EDWOSBs), Owned Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSBs) and historically underutilized business areas (HUBZones). Like the mentor-protected program 8 (a), these small businesses have now been able to work with a mentor and grow under his leadership. (4) The AA/BD may authorize a participant to be both a protégé and a mentor if the participant can prove that the second relationship is not in conflict with the first mentor-protected relationship or that it is facing other purposes. (ii) A company seeking the SBA`s agreement as a protégé may terminate a mentor-protected relationship that it maintains through another agency and cannot yet benefit from the assistance provided under the 8a BD-Mentor-Protected relationship. Any support already provided by another mentor-protected relationship cannot be identified as support provided by the relationship 8 (a) BD Mentor-Schotzling. (ii) any loan and/or participation of the guardian to the protégé; (i) is in a position to assume its responsibility to support the company under the proposed tutoring-protected agreement; (i) the SBA must approve the tutoring/protected agreement before the two companies can submit an offer as a joint venture for a specific government contract or subcontract, so that the joint venture is excluded from the affiliation. Another important highlight is that the SBA changes the 3-in-2 rule. Historically, mentor-protected joint ventures were conceived as short-term businesses. The SBA introduced the 3-in-2 rule that joint ventures created under tutoring-protected agreements exist for only two years and do not compete for more than three contracts during this two-year period, without triggering affiliation. Membership is generally bad for small businesses, as it combines the income and staff of the mentor and protégé to determine the size of the business, which could lead to the protégé no longer being considered small.

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