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Russia Armenia Military Agreement

In mid-October 2017, the Armenian cabinet passed a bill to sign a $100 million credit contract with Russia to regulate the purchase of weapons in accordance with national law. [39] On 3 August 2009, Uzbekistan`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized Russia`s plan to establish a military base in southern Kyrgyzstan for the CSE reaction force and stated that, according to a presidential decree, Putin ordered the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss an agreement with Armenia. Since 21 December 2011, the parties have been able to veto the creation of new foreign military bases in the Member States of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (TSC). In addition, Kazakhstan assumed the rotating presidency of the CSTO of Belarus. [6] Cooperation between Armenia and Russia in the military field aims to ensure the security of both states and stability in the South Caucasus. The 102nd Russian military base will be deployed on the territory of Armenia. Russia has been described as reluctant to intervene openly in the Nagorno-Karabakh war in 2020 to support Armenia, due to the persistence of tensions between Putin and Pachinjan. [19] Russia eventually held peace talks between Azerbaijan and Armenia, culminating in a ceasefire agreement of 10 October,[21] which was later ignored by both sides. [22] The war ended when the Russian leadership and president signed a ceasefire agreement in Moscow on November 9, 2020. The CSTO Charter confirmed the wish of all participating states to renounce the use or threat of force. Signatories would not be able to join other military alliances or other groups of states[3], while aggression against a signatory would be seen as aggression against all. To this end, CSE organizes annual military command exercises to enable CSE countries to improve inter-regional cooperation. A CSTO military exercise entitled “Rubezh 2008” was held in Armenia, where a total of 4,000 soldiers from the seven CSE constituent countries have implemented operational, strategic and tactical training focused on promoting the effectiveness of the collective security element of the CSTO partnership.

[4] The largest of these exercises took place in 2011 in southern Russia and Central Asia, with more than 10,000 soldiers and 70 combat aircraft. [5] In order to deploy military bases from a third country on the territory of the CSE Member States, it is necessary to obtain the formal agreement of all its members. [6] It also uses a “rotating presidential system” in which the country that runs the CSTO succeeds each year. [7] Earlier, Putin had stated that the military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan would not take place on Armenian territory.

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