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Qgis Licence Agreement

QGIS.ORG also allows its official groups of country users to register a first-level QGIS domain (,, etc.) in accordance with the rules below in this document. Non-commercial projects can use qgis.xxxxx (qgis.tutorials fall into this category if tutorials are free), but must ask permission before registering the domain. QGIS.ORG save the domain and return names provided by the caller to the caller`s servers or give the caller the name. Companies, products and commercial projects cannot use qgis.tld (higher level domain): any domain name at the main or secondary level, with or without commercial intent, should not be the same or virtually identical to any of our brands. Under the terms of this license, all plugins distributed via (or through other repositories that may be hosted themselves) must comply with version 2 of the GPL or a larger license. In particular, the entire code contained in each plugin must be clearly and readily available as a source. We have noticed that some of the plugin authors distribute plugins that do not meet this requirement. QGIS is located on GitHub for If you want to make fixes, you can prepare the project, make your changes, make a commit for your repository, and then create a sweater request. The development team can then verify your contribution and, if necessary, define it upstream. If, as a result of a court decision or a denunciation of a patent infringement or other reason (not limited to patent issues), you are subject to conditions contrary to the terms of that license (whether by court decision, agreement or otherwise), you will not apologize for the terms of that license. If you cannot distribute to simultaneously fulfill your obligations arising from this license and other relevant commitments, then you cannot distribute the program at all. For example, if a patent license did not allow free transmission of the program by all those who receive copies directly or indirectly about you, then you could only fill it out and that license would be to abstain completely from distributing the program.

QGIS.ORG allows official groups in QGIS countries to modify the QGIS logo and use the modified QGIS logo for communications and non-commercial projects. This authorization is conditional on the continuation of compliance with these guidelines, QGIS brand guidelines and all other rules and guidelines. QGIS reserves the right to revoke or amend this authorization at any time, at its sole discretion. If you would like to use a modified version of the QGIS logo, please send your artwork to [email protected] for approval. After the authorization, you will receive a licensing agreement before you can begin using the artwork.

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