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Montgomery College Transfer Agreement

Information on curricula and program/advice schedules from the agreements is included in the related documents above. The full text of the agreements must be refined in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Programs and requirements may change. Therefore, students should regularly search for updated materials. Students are advised to use these documents with the assistance of a consultant at Montgomery County Community College. MC Takoma Park/Silver SpringJose Medrano7600 Takoma AveTakoma Park, MD 20912Phone: 240-567-1637Email: [email protected] Temple and Montgomery County Community College have entered into the following program-to-program agreements: Loyola University Maryland has the following articulation agreements at the bachelor`s level: To view agreements according to the major, click Major Transfer Agreements or use Control-F and give a keyword for a major. MC RockvilleElizabeth Kirby51 Mannakee StreetRockville, MD 20850Phone: 240-567-5055Email: [email protected] Qualified Students can transfer courses to Loyola and receive free courses at the university. There will be only one Doctoral student at a time. Baltimore Student Exchange Program: An agreement between some colleges and universities that allows students to take a course with a participating institution under the prescribed conditions during the regular academic year. Notes and credits are transferred in the form of Loyola courses.

Participating universities and universities include: In order to better encourage and facilitate the transfer of students from Montgomery County Community College to Temple University, Temple and Montgomery County Community College, they have entered into the following transfer agreements: Transfer under the Maryland County State Financial Engineering Program (CSA). A student who is studying for two years and receives a state-recognized associate of engineering science (A.S.E.) from a Maryland community college can move on to Loyola`s engineering program. Engineering programs that are followed as part of the Degree Association are accepted as a block by the University of Loyola Maryland. Loyola also has a wide range of “core” requirements for the liberal arts, which have been specifically designed to meet the university`s learning goals. These requirements are generally more extensive than the general education requirements at other higher education institutions and the transfer of non-engineering courses taken during the associated degree is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Twenty program-to-program transfer consulting guides that offer clear paths of eight different MCCC associates in fifteen different BS programs at USciences. You can view the transfer agreements by domain of interest below.

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