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Measures Of Interobserver Agreement

Harris, F.C. and Lahey, B.B. A method to combine event and non-attendance assessments. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1978,11, 523-527. Sloat, K.M.C. A comment on “Correction for bias in a method of calculating the Interobserver agreement”, unpublished paper. Kamehomeha Early Education Program, 1978. Kratochwill, T. R., and Wetzel, R. J. Observer Agreement, Credibility, and judgment: Some considerations in presenting observer agreement data. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1977,10, 133-139. The measures of the Interobserver agreement and reliability, Second Edition, address important issues related to the design and analysis of reliability and agreement studies.

It examines the factors that influence the degree of measurement error in reliability studies and the characteristics that influence the diagnostic process of each subject in a reliability study. The book also illustrates the importance of glare and random selection of themes. Congratulations on the first edition:… One of the main strengths of this text is that it gathers technical results on agree statistics from a multitude of sources and often provides information on the accuracy of estimates and intervals … This text offers a practical compilation of statistical approaches for interobserver agreements … Biostatistics… Patrick E. Shrout, New York University, Statistics in Medicine, Vol. 25, 2006Mohamed Shoukri is well placed to write this book, as he is one of the leading current researchers in this field. I recommend it.

–Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Hartmann`s well-written book, D. P. Reflections on the choice of Interobserver`s reliability estimates. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1977,10, 103-116. Fleiss, J. L. Bespoke agreement between two judges on the existence or absence of a property. Biometrics 1975,31, 651-659.

Repp, A.C., Deitz, D. E., Boles, S.M., Deitz, S.M., and Repp, C. F. Differences between the calculation methods of the Interobserver agreement. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1976,9, 109-113 “The new edition of this book contains new popular and important themes for evaluating agreement and reliability … This book is highly readable and contains detailed examples and programming codes that can be easily tracked and executed by practicing statisticians. This is a valuable reference for someone who has only a limited background in assessing agreement and reliability. Huiman X.

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