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Hire Purchase Agreement Under Transfer Of Property Act

“cash price” for a lease-sale agreement, the price at which the tenant may have purchased, at the time of signing the contract, the goods subject to the agreement, in cash; “deposit” with respect to a lease-sale, the amount paid under the contract or paid in the form of a down payment; [] the tenant may ask a summary court for an order to fix the place where the goods can be returned in accordance with item 2 (b) above. (d) to assess a party on an amount which, in view of the discharge to be granted by the Tribunal (if any), has the right of that party within the framework of the agreement; and it was decided that if there was no binding obligation and such a right was reserved, there was no sales contract, but a lease-sale agreement. In the same case, it was found that such an agreement does not give the tenant a title, but a simple option to purchase on the basis of compliance with certain conditions. (f) the district officer or lawyer, as the case may be, certifies in writing that – (3) if the tenant is expressly or implicitly known – (i) that the goods contained in a lease-sale contract are left in his possession or control in a particular location; or (1) A landlord may require that all goods purchased under contract be insured during the term of the contract at the tenant`s expense and on behalf of the landlord and tenant against any risk that the landlord deems appropriate. 2. Any person other than the proposed landlord, who develops a full or partial offer to sign a lease to be signed by or on behalf of the proposed tenant, cannot submit the offer to the proposed tenant or to any person acting on behalf of the proposed tenant for signature or on behalf of the proposed tenant, unless the proposed tenant has received a properly completed written statement no later than 24 hours earlier. and the landlord proves that the tenant acknowledged in writing that the statement was brought to his attention. 6. For the calculation within the meaning of the subsection (5), the amount received by the landlord is considered to be paid or paid by the guarantor for all funds paid and the value of any other consideration (not already provided in cash) provided by the Oder on behalf of the tenant.

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