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This website is intended to be a storehouse of knowledge. No profit or financial benefit for any one individual or group is intended. 

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Membership on this site does not automatically grant membership in the group on Facebook. You will need to request to join the group there even if you have already registered on this website.

Directory Help

The Directory is divided into three groups: Classes, Retailers and Tutorials.

If adding a link to a site that offers both, please add their store and/or main business site link to Retailers and their main classes link to Learning.

Example: Helios has a website, but no online sales. They also offer classes. The link to their main business  page is listed under Retailers and their main classes page is listed under Classes.

If you are adding a tutorial alone, please put it in the Tutorials category.

When adding directory items through the front end of the website, just follow the directions on the form. Items will be reviewed before being published.

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