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Government Fares Agreement

The PS-PhilGEPS facilitated the registration and registration of government authorities in the Government Fares Agreement (GFA). GFA is a PS-PhilGEPS partnership with local partners such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Philippines Air Asia, which have provided reduced fares for domestic and international flights. Currently, 233 government agencies are registered and use the GFA and the savings have reached more than 96 million PHP for these agencies. Among the benefits of the GFA are 8-10% discount on regular rates, waiver of web administrator, change of booking and deviation fees. The Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PS-PhilGEPS) has entered into a Government Fares Agreement (GFA) with Philippine Airlines (PAL) that will ensure a time, energy and money savings that are fast, efficient and flexible in dealing with the national air transport needs of all public servants and employees. As a continuation of our initiatives, we want to disseminate information about the agreement to all government agencies. In this context, we have already put online the frequently asked questions (FAQs), the Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) and the registration form (RF) for your quick information and reference. You can download the following documents: The PS-PhilGEPS no longer requires agreement with the government authorities, since the Government Procurement Policy Board has adopted Resolution 11-2017 on the theme “Confirmation of the processing of airline tickets as a common-use CsE article.” As with the purchase of CSE items, the GFA no longer needs MOA. The PS requires only the execution of an MOA for the acquisition of agencies, in which ps is tapped by the public authorities for their unique needs as procurement agents. We are happy to welcome everyone on board the GFA! Agencies only have to fill out and file a registration form to start their registration with the GFA. The registration form identifies travel administrators and arrangers for the Agency and indicates their first deposit or GFA fund.

Once the registration form is filed, agencies will receive an email with their identifiers (username and password) and will benefit from the efficiency and ease of use of the GFA. To replenish their resources, agencies only have to submit the GFA replenishment form. The GFA team will consult with all agencies that have an existing MOA GFA adapted to the process on the correct transition of MOA to the registration form. The GFA team is by phone at (02) 689-7750 or 561-6094 or by email at [email protected]

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