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Cohabitation Agreement Word Document

The most important part of a concubine contract is the details of the people who sign the agreement. While we are talking about a couple, that is, man and woman, a cohabitation agreement can be signed between same-sex couples in countries where same-sex marriage is legal. This Agreement should contain comprehensive information on both partners, including their full names, addresses, contact details, source of employment, marital status and number of children. Then comes most of the concubine agreement, the complete list of mutually agreed terms and conditions or clauses. From property and child custody to the division of property and the payment of family allowances, there are many details that should be covered in this section. It may be overstated, but as soon as a couple separates, they can understand the importance of mentioning correct data in the agreement. The most important date to mention on the agreement is the date from which it is considered applicable. First of all, as a couple, you need to understand that only time will determine whether you stay together or separate. Even if you`re madly in love with each other but aren`t married, what if one of you dies? A concubine contract is signed to protect the rights of each partner in a living situation. Couples who live together are not business partners or only roommates, but they are romantically related, which means that there will be purchases and credits for their name. Maybe the couple also has a joint bank account or a car rental agreement. It is therefore appropriate to sign a legal document helping them to allocate assets and liabilities in the event of separation.

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