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Amazon Manage Merchant Agreement

8.2 Trademarks. Subject to the terms of this Agreement and provided that: That your Reseller Account is in good condition, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-negotiable, revocable right to use the “Amazon”, “Amazon Payments”, “Advanced Payments API”, “Pay with Amazon”, “Amazon Pay” and other related designs, graphics, logos, page titles, button symbols, scripts and services (together, “Marks”) that we only have in Accordance with our brand guidelines and other materials we provide from time to time. You may not use the Marks unless expressly permitted to do so and you do not sub-link such rights or permit any party to use the Marks. You acknowledge that we and our affiliates are the sole owner of the Marks and you agree not to do anything inconsistent with such property. Any goodwill resulting from your use of the Marks is exclusively for our benefit, as well as our affiliates. Our trademarks and the trademarks of our affiliates must not be used in connection with products or services that do not belong to us, in a way that could cause confusion or in a way that denigrates us or discredits our related companies. We may revoke your license at any time at our sole discretion. Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement, you must immediately cease and cease all further use of the Marks. All other trademarks that are not owned by us and that appear on the Website or Seller Central or in connection with the Service are the property of their respective owners who are affiliated with us, connected or may or may not be sponsored by us. We and our affiliates may only use your name, logo, service name or trademarks that you have indicated if it is necessary to provide the service in accordance with our specifications and other policies (including, but not limited to, co-branding websites used for order processing).

We and our affiliates may use your name or logo to identify you as a participating reseller, unless you request otherwise. 8.3 Reservations. Except for the rights of use and access and restricted licenses expressly set forth in this Agreement, we and our affiliates retain all right, title and interest (including all intellectual property and intellectual property rights) in the Service, Amazon materials, our affiliates or the trademarks of our associated companies and all other technologies, software and intellectual property that we provide, before. to provide or use amazon`s service, websites, Seller Central and materials. Except for the restricted rights of use and access described in this Agreement, this Agreement does not entitle you to acquire any ownership rights or rights in the Service, websites, Seller Central, Amazon materials, our trademarks or other technologies, software or intellectual property provided or made available by us or our affiliates. 8.4 Press Releases. Without our prior written permission, you may not issue press releases or make public statements regarding the Service, or, except as expressly provided in this Agreement, use our name, brand or logo or any of our affiliates in any way (including as promotional materials) or otherwise distort or embellish the relationship between us. To the extent that you provide us or one of our affiliates with testimonials or other statements about our services, we may use such offers for advertising purposes.

Login information: The Amazon Pay EU/UK integration uses the delegated authentication model to sign transaction requirements. Instead of using a reseller access key, secret key, and seller/reseller ID, as Recurly does for Amazon Pay US to sign requests, Recurly now uses the seller/merchant ID and an authe MWS token to sign requests for EU/UK…

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