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Acre Hiring Agreement

(ii) their failure to dispose of property transported to the premises for rental purposes. The booking agreement applies to the part (s) of the premises listed on the booking form 11. NoiseYou must make sure that the minimum noise is made on arrival and departure, especially late at night and early in the morning. When using noise-enhancing devices, they must use all noise-cancelling devices available on the premises and meet all other permit requirements for the premises.12 Drunk driving and disorderly conduct and delivery of illicit drugsYou must ensure that no illegal drugs are placed on the site in order to avoid the disturbing neighbours of the room and to avoid violent or criminal behaviour: i) Anyone who participates in the event consumes an excessive amount of alcohol (ii) no illegal drugs are brought to the site. Drunk and disorderly driving is not permitted on or about the site. We ask anyone suspected of being intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or in a violent or disorderly manner to leave the premises in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.13. Food, health and hygiene They must comply with all applicable food health and hygiene legislation and regulations when preparing, serving or selling food. In particular, dairy products, vegetables and meats on farms must be refrigerated and stored in accordance with food temperature requirements. The premises are equipped with a refrigerator and a thermometer.14 Electrical SafetyYou must ensure that all electrical appliances you carry and use on the premises are used safely, in good condition and safely, in accordance with the 1989 Electricity Regulations. If a residual switch is provided, you must use it in the interest of public safety.15 Stored devicesWe assume no responsibility for stored equipment or other goods that are transferred or abandoned to the site and any liability in the event of loss or damage is excluded. All devices and other items (out-of-stock) must be removed at the end of each rental, or we charge rent rental fees every day or part of a day until it is removed. We may, at our discretion, dispose of all the items below, by sale or otherwise, on terms that we deem to be fair and charge you any costs we incurred in the storage and sale or disposal of this type, in the following circumstances:i) your failure to dispose of items that have been placed in the premises for the purpose of renting.16 Smoking They must comply with the ban on smoking in public places, the provisions of the Public Health Act 2006 and the provisions adopted there.

We ask anyone who violates this provision to leave the premises. They must ensure that everyone who wants to smoke does so outdoors and dispose of fine cigarettes, matches, etc., responsibly so as not to cause a fire. On the wall to the right of the main door of the fireplace is a special socket.17. Accidents and Dangerous IncidentsYou must report to us as soon as possible any failures of our equipment or equipment that you have brought. You must report all accidents with injuries to the public as soon as possible and complete the corresponding section of our accident logbook.

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