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Abraham Accord Agreement

The Parties recognise the need for mutually beneficial cooperation for the further development of telecommunications, information technology and postal services. They take note of the establishment of direct communications services, including telephone lines, and agree to promote the direct exchange of mail, submarine cables and e-commerce solutions, in accordance with relevant international conventions and regulations, as well as to use available satellite systems, fibre-optic communications and broadcasting services. The Parties will strive to develop framework conditions for ICT innovation, including robust and advanced wireless communications, cooperation on 5G networks, smart cities and the use of ICT solutions to stimulate innovation and the creation of the best services. The News International reported that Pakistan will take a position on the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates after consultation and after considering the pros and cons of developments abroad and abroad. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi avoided speaking on this sensitive issue. [85] On the one hand, the UAE and Bahrain do not adjoin Israel and have never fought on the battlefield, so there is no sense of public trauma on either side. Although the Gulf countries have officially participated in Arab boycotts of Israel since 1948, in recent years they have forged semi-occult relations of varying degrees with the Jewish state. It is significant that when Palestinian officials pressed the Arab League to condemn the UAE`s new agreement, the organization instead found that some Arab states had the right to make their own sovereign decisions on these issues, far from their dramatic opposition to the 1979 Camp David Agreement. Focus on the bilateral. Bahrain, Israel and the UAE did not want to be accused of either wanting to negotiate for the Palestinians or stealing the role of guardian of the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem. Therefore, the agreements do not require any change in access to the holy places of this city. Instead, they focus exclusively on bilateral issues such as aviation, trade, and taxation. The UAE treaty could also serve as a model for broader Israeli agreements with Bahrain and other potential Arab partners.

For now, a third document signed this week — the shorter, more general Abraham Accords declaration — aims to promote common regional aspirations for peace, officials say. The Libyan government denounced the deal as an “unsurprising betrayal of the UNITED Arab Emirates.” [95] Haidar Sadig, a spokesman for the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, was fired for making comments on his own initiative calling the agreement a “courageous and courageous step” claiming that there were secret contacts between Sudan and Israel. [96] Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok told Pompeo on August 25 that his transitional government has “no mandate” to establish relations with Israel and that this can only be decided after the election of a democratic government. [97] Prime Minister Netanyahu said there was “no change” in his plan to annex parts of the West Bank if approved by the United States, but added that they would be temporarily frozen. [33] Before the deal, plans to annex 30 percent of the West Bank were already frozen, with a majority of Israelis and benny Gantz, partners in the ruling coalition, rejecting the plan. . . .

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